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Steering Wheel Controls

€ 223.60 EUR

Group-D Steering wheel Controls

6 button Steering wheel controls cool as fuck!

Consists of:

Ignition Switch (Red Latching)

Start Switch (Blue Momentary)

White (Latching)

White (Latching)

Yellow (Momentary)

Yellow (Latching)

New Sticker sheet allows you to customize the panel however you wish!!

Custom extra long curly cord suitable for any motorsport. For drifting you need extra flexibility for the steering to go from lock to lock

3D printed rear switch covers to prevent gloves fouling on the switch terminals

Warning: Switches are 1amp Maximum! Suitable for pulling in Relays or using with PDM's. Very rarely can the switches be directly wired to the load source without going through a relay

We can also make custom switch panels for 2-10 buttons! Please contact us at with your requirements

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