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NP Parts V2 Locking Gearbox Billet Short Shifter

€ 272.36 EUR

Have you ever mis-shifted into the wrong gear in your H pattern gearbox in the heat of battle?

Well the NP Parts lockable short shifter will ensure that this will never happen again, saving your run, your gearbox, and also saving you tenths of a second off each gear change! Shift cogs as aggressively and quickly as possible with full confidence that you'll land the next gear.

Fully adjustable to allow a variety of shift types. Just press the button on top to allow free travel within the gate and release to activate lock.

Can be set to:

1. Lock into the vertical 3rd/4th position after changing up from 2nd

2. Just block off 5th and 6th to prevent mis-shift from 2nd to 5th, yet allow down-changes to 2nd without pressing the button

3. Fully open for normal use

For use with all BMW remote shifter gearboxes.

This short shifter is manufactured from high grade 6082-T6 aluminium with a spherical bearing so not only does it look great, but it also gives super-accurate and direct operation.

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