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Nexus Rebel LS Gen III

€ 1,250.00 EUR

Suits: Suits Gen III LS - Cable throttle, EV1 Injectors, Manual Transmission
With the Rebel LS, all the hard work is done. It is the best, quickest, and easiest way to get your LS-swap up and running!

  • ECU designed from the ground up to suit GM's popular LS engine platform
  • Start-up is a breeze thanks to the new LS Set-up Wizard in our NSP software
  • Comes complete with an easy-to-install harness to suit multiple GM LS applications
  • Easy integration with Haltech dashes, PDMs, sensor kits, and accessories
  • Kit Supports Gen III engines with cable throttle
    Kit Includes:
    • HT-220001 - Rebel ECU
    • HT-186500 - Main Harness
    • HT-186504 - Cable Throttle + IAC sub-harness
    • HT-186501- LS EV1 Injector Sub-Harnes
    • HT-187003 - T56 Transmission Harness
    • HT-186123 - 2 Pin Bosch Alternator Harness
    • HT-186124 - 4 Pin Delco Alternator Harness
    • HT-186125 - 2 Pin Yazaki Alternator Harness
    • HT-186508 - Gen III Knock Sensor Adaptor
    Sensor Pack
    • Bosch LSU 4.9 Sensor
    • Weld on fitting for O2 Sensor
    • Air Temperature Sensor M14 x 1.5
    • Weld on fitting for Air Temp Sensor

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