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Mazda MX-5 NC PRHT V1 roll cage (fits underneath the roof)

€ 1,029.00 EUR

The most unique roll cage for MX-5 NC PRHT on the market. It completely fits under the stock roof.

Key features:

  • Fits underneath the roof
  • Extremally tight fit with the roof and bodyshell
  • Roof can be taken off by undoing few screws
  • 100% 3D CAD designed
  • Tubes are CNC notched and perfectly bent
  • Made of FIA appendix J approved E355 40×2 and 45×2,5 tubes
  • Increases safety and bodyshell stiffness significantly

In the package you get:

  • Tubes ready to be welded-in
  • Installation manual with detailed pictures of required roof modifications
  • Brackets required for roof modification
  • Diagram that shows the location of each tube
  • Laser cut sheet metal and screws required for installation

Please check the regulations of events that you’re planning to participate in before placing an order. Feel free to show our rendering to a person responsible for safety. Make sure that this model of a roll cage is 100% approved.

In the pictures, you’ll find examples of our MX-5 NC PRHT roll cage welded in. The version may be different from the one in this offer, but pictures show the perfect fitting of all the tubes.

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