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Garrett G57-3000 Supercore (No Turbine Housing)

€ 4,115.00 EUR

Garrett G57 turbochargers are engineered for extreme horsepower applications like Radial vs The World and X275 Drag Racing. A new high-flowing inconel turbine wheel and a one-piece aluminum center housing are the two major features that differentiate the G57 from its predecessor.

Technical Features:

Horsepower: 1400 - 3000HP
Displacement: 3.0 - 12.0L
  • Garrett® G Series Compressor Aerodynamics (10 blades) for maximum HP.
  • Fully machined Speed Sensor and pressure ports.
  • Turbine Wheel Aero constructed of Inconel super alloy rated 950ºC
  • Stainless Steel non wastegated turbine housing option capable of 950°C.
  • Standar rotation.
  • Compressor side: TRIM 54 A/R 0.96
  • Compressor Air Inlet: Hose 6.00" (152.40mm)
  • Compressor Air Outlet: V-band 4.20" (106.70mm)
  • Turbine side: TRIM 90
  • One-piece aluminum center housing

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