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The D-Mac/AVO Rear Coilover System for Silvia IRS was developed by Darren McNamara for use on his amazing DMac86 drift car

The Rear Coilover System was created to be a bolt in setup for an ae86 using a Silvia rear subframe. This Rear Coilover System fits perfectly to the rear of the ae86 without any modifications to the shock tops or floor pan.

The D-Mac/AVO Rear Coilover System has full dampening adjustment and comes with a poly bushed axle mount and poly top bushes. These are specially designed to work with the ae86 chassis and will out perform all other ae86 suspension no problem

A common question we are asked is can the D-Mac/AVO rear coilover system be fitted without strengthening the ae86 shock tops, floor pan or lower axle mount? Well yes it can! that is the way they were designed to work. We have ran these for years on all the MCNSPORT ae86's and sold to customers all over the world with not one report of any problems.

Supplied as standard with 250 lbs/sq inch (4.5 kg/mm2) springs but with custom rates available (details below), the Rear Coilover System was created to provide the advantages of height adjustable coilover systems and improve on other manufacturers poor designs.

Spring rate guide:

We would always advise a customer to select their rear spring rate with respect to the front, in order to keep the car's balance intact for the desired ratio of over to understeer.

Standard: 250lbs/in sq (4.5kg/mm2). These are our traditional fast road or track spring and work very well on all types of drift use even on 86's running quite wide semi slick rear tyres.

Compromise: 200lbs/in sq (3.6kg/mm2). These are quite a good compromise between handling and comfort for a street AE86.

Comfort/Wet Use: 150lbs/in sq (2.7kg/mm2). These are useful as a comfortable street spring on the rear and also useful as a wet weather drift spring to activate more grip.

Track/Grip: 300lbs/in sq (5.4kg/mm2). These are suited to a more track/race setup which may use slick tyres and some aero.

We can also supply much stiffer springs for time attack/race cars upon request.

Price is per pair including springs and tender spring

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