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€ 113.82 EUR

*For competition use only*

*Rack boots/gaiters cannot be used

*Modification to the steering rack casing may be required depending on outer knuckles. Offset spacer can foul on the flange where the boot/gaiter clamps. This applied to one side of the rack only*


D-Mac Offset rack spacers are designed to prevent over centering on ae86 drift cars buy moving the inner tie pivot point further forward. Over centering is when the steering sticks on full lock during drift


For a ae86 power steering rack both spacers use the same amount of rack spacing on each sides. The D-Mac offset rack spacers come with mounting bolts, locating tabs are are hot zinc plated for anti corrosion. They are also counter bored so the inner tie rod can be fully tightened to the spacer


D-Mac Offset rack spacers fit both right and left hand drive steering racks

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