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BMW E30 V3 roll cage with NASCAR door bars

€ 1,439.00 EUR

The roll cage is a must-have in any track or rally driven car. It’s one of the most important safety types of equipment.

For production, we use 45×2,5 and 40×2 E355 seamless tubes.

The roll cage comes with an assembly drawing that explains which tube goes where. Each tube, sheet metal, and gusset fits perfectly. It’s all to make installing as easy as possible.

How it’s made? We start by making a 3D scan of the interior. The next step is making a 3D CAD design. We make sure that tubes go as close to the body shell as possible. We know that you want a roll cage that does not limit your visibility. That’s exactly what you’ll get.

Please check the regulations of events that you’re planning to participate in before placing an order. Feel free to show our rendering to a person responsible for safety. Make sure that this model of a roll cage is 100% approved.

In the pictures, you’ll find examples of our E30 roll cages welded in. The version may be different from the one in this offer, but pictures show the perfect fitting of all the tubes.

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