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Quick Change Differential Mounting Kit for S14/S15/R33/R34 Subframe

€ 295.00 EUR

For the first time anywhere in the world you can now buy a DIY kit to mount a Quick Change Differential in a S14/15 rear subframe

Included in the kit is a bolt on front mount that bolts to both the winters front cover and the original S14/15 front diff mounting holes. This mount will do 90% of the lining up for you and has the be welded to the subframe in the final welding process (do not just use it as a bolt on part)

Also included are two small weld in triangulation parts to reinforce the front mounting between the front cover bolts of the diff

On the rear you get 2x side mounting plates 6mm

2x upper triangulation pieces 6mm and 2x lower triangulation pieces 6mm

1x 25mm CDS rear hoop for added strength 

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