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Walton Nissan RB20/25/26 Top Mount Exhaust Manifold Type B

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Walton Motorsport Nissan RB Exhaust Manifold (RB20 RB25 RB26)

In our opinion, one of the best sounding 6 cylinder engines available. It is also one of the favorites for tuning. Our Nissan RB exhaust manifold fits the RB20, RB25 and RB26 engines. RB30 fitment is available on request.

There’s no shortage of Nissan RB exhaust manifolds available. What sets the Walton Motorsport version apart from the competition is our construction methods.


Our long-standing traditional RB Manifold is the type A, this is a compact design with tuned primary pipe lengths to produce a quick spooling setup, however, the size of the turbo is limited to that of a G35 frame, for those of you looking for a larger turbo such as Borg Warner EFR, S300 Series or G-Series above G35 then the further forward-mounted Type B is for you. If you also want/need to run a 60mm Wastegate with ABS then the Type B is also for you. It requires relocating the power steering tank. Both Manifolds are compatible with Air Conditioning requiring minor tweaks to the lines.


Material Selection

  • First and foremost not all 304 Stainless steel is created equal. We carefully select the exact specification of the tube that we use. The use of a poor-quality tube can compromise the whole design. For Instance, exhaust manifolds experience repeated high-temperature cycles. In these situations, we have seen poor tubing split along the seam.
  • We design the head flanges in-house. However, we outsource the precision Fiber Laser Cutting. The use of more modern Fiber Laser cutting allows for increased accuracy over traditional laser cutting


  • Where the manifold meets the exhaust ports, Walton Motorsport’s process is to push the tubing through the head flange and TIG weld each side. This process is followed by a selection of finishing tools. We do this to create a smooth port for the gasses to freely flow through. Consequently, this process dramatically increases the durability of the manifold, rather than using the traditional method of welding the tube to the face of the flange. Moreover, our approach also solves the problem of an oval port needing to transition smoothly to a round tube. The stubs process, in short, helps increase power through the improved flow.
  • The collector we use is a custom billet merge collector. We proudly designed this collector in-house to exceed the performance of our previous market-leading hand-fabricated version. The freedom of design we have utilizing the complex 5-axis mill production process really allows us to be a step above the competition by allowing precision boost control on our unique wastegate ports. The machining process over traditional fabrication ensures that there is no danger of small fragments breaking off at high temperatures. These fragments will then make their way through your expensive turbo. We don’t need to tell you how bad that can be. And did we mention it’s machined in the UK?

More information on our methods can be found HERE



Bombproof? We haven’t found out yet. Our exhaust manifolds have been designed to put up with some serious abuse though. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products as many do. However, we put a huge emphasis on the strength and durability of our products to stop them from failing. The biggest inconvenience when it comes to a failed manifold (providing none of it ends up inside your turbo or engine) is removing it for repair.  By eliminating the failure in the first place, we can honestly say it would be extremely unlikely to experience a failure of our products. Consequently, We wouldn’t sleep well at night if our product failed and cost you a result


  • Carefully selected 304 Stainless steel tube. Working to eliminate the risk of material failure.
  • Fully Purged welded. Subsequently improving gas flow leading to increases in power and lowered response times.
  • Ported Merge Collector Welded Internally and Externally. Resulting in high strength, durability and turbo lifespan.
  • Curved wastegate port design developed with leading engine tuners to allow high control and remove boost creep.
  • Fully Smoothed Head Ports designed to optimize gas flow. As a result, providing an increase in power and lowered response times.
  • Optimized for use with Turbosmart Gen-V Hypergate 45 Wastegates. However on large turbo setups or T4 Twinscroll applications when using a single wastegate a Turbosmart Pro Gate 50 is recommended.
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing faults and defects. 

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