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Walbro 255lph In Tank Pump kit (BMW E30)

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The E30 was fitted with two different fuel pumps during its production run, one made by Bosch, the other made by AC. While it is fully possible to make a Bosch version fit into an AC equipped car and vice versa, if possible it is recommended to take out your existing pump and identify which version you have in order to streamline the fitting process. It is seemingly not possible to determine which pump was fitted by year or model, so physical inspection is the best way to identify the model of pump.

The AC pump has a large 19mm opening for the filter.

The Bosch version has a smaller 11mm opening for the filter.

Walbro Motorsport Fuel Pump Kit (BMW E30)


Please Note:- The carrier shown in the photo in not included as part of the kit

The Walbro GSS line of high-performance fuel pumps have been widely recognised as the 'Gold Standard' in the industry for more than 20 years.

Walbro GSS pumps are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, feature unsurpassed quality, durability and performance and are designed and manufactured in the USA.


  • Low Amp Draw
  • Capable of handling 500hp+ under standard operating conditions
  • Design based on Ti Automotive OEM Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper technology

Fittings In (mm):- 8

Fittings Out (mm):- 11

Pump:- Walbro GSS342

Voltage DC:- 12

Flow Ltr/Hr (Max):- 318

Flow Ltr/Hr @ 3 Bar (44psi):- 255

Flow Ltr/Hr @ 5 Bar (73psi):- 225

Max Pressure:- 8.5

Length (mm):- 120

Diameter (mm):- 39.2

Weight (Kg):- 0.366

Flow Chart:- Please Click Here




Make & Model Year  
BMW   316,318,320,323,325,328,M3 E30 (Motorsport Upgrade) Up to 500 BHP 87-91

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