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VDO Fuel Level Gauge (12-24v)

€ 60.00 EUR

A part of the VDO Singleviu range of gauges this 52mm electrically operated fuel level gauge provides an accurate visual reference. Available to suit either float arm or dip tube type sender units.

  • Anti fog and anti glare glass for optimum visibility
  • CAN J1939 or traditional sensor operation (see below for compatibility)
  • Water resistant, ideal for open cockpit cars
  • 12 or 24 operating voltage

The VDO singleviu fuel level gauge has a back light in a white colour. If the gauge is used in conjunction with a Singleviu Speedometer or Tachometer then the back light colour can be changed. This is because the Speedometer and tachometer are master gauges. 

The gauge is supplied with a spin lock (clamp ring) mounting, which provides a secure 360° mounting force of the gauge to the dashboard

This gauge requires a separately available wiring plug to enable plug and play installation. The correct plug can be found HERE.

Sender Unit Compatibility

Gauges listed for use with dip tube senders have a resistance of 90 ohm (empty) to 5 ohm (full). Gauges listed for float arm senders have a resistance of 3 ohm (empty) to 180 ohm (full).

Sender units sold separately

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