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Schroth HANS Vision Advantage Plus Sliding Tether Set

€ 65.00 EUR

The HANS Vision Advantage Plus Sliding Tether Set is FIA 8858-2002 approved and allows a greater freedom of movement in racing conditions while maintaining the safety and performance of the HANS system. The sliding tether allows head movement for unlimited side to side vision, can be retro-fitted to any HANS device ever made as it contains everything you need to convert one HANS device (tether carriers, tether, screws and full instructions included).

The Vision Advantage Plus sliding tethers are available in three different lengths. Recommended length is 18” which comes as standard on all new Medium and Large HANS devices. For users with open face helmets where the clips are located further back on the helmet or those looking for a slightly shorter version SCHROTH offers the 17” version. In addition a 19” version is available for use with XL HANS devices.

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