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Varley Red Top 40 Race Battery

€ 308.94 EUR

As used in all Group D shop cars, the Varley Red Top 40 offers superior safety, cranking ability, longevity, weight reduction and packaging efficiency.

Originally used to start fighter aircraft engines and withstand the shock and vibration experienced, the qualities of the Varley Red Top range have proven to be excellent in race cars. Small, lightweight, maintenance free and with exceptionally high discharge capability, these batteries can be fitted upright or on their side, and will not leak electrolyte even when damaged.

•Exceptionally High Cranking Power For Size

•High Shock And Vibration Resistance

•Maintenance Free, Sealed Construction

•Lightweight And Compact

•No Topping Up Required

•Can Be Installed Upright Or On Their Side

•No Electrolyte Leakage (Even When Outer Case Is Damaged)

Dimensions: 250x97x192

14.9 KG

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