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Pro-Control Exhaust Gas Temp

€ 216.03 EUR

The Pro Control range from Stack offers so much more than a conventional gauge. They give the user total control and awareness of critical engine functions. By using Stack's precision stepper motor for needle movement and solid state sensors, accuracy is better than 2% with the reliability you would expect from a high quality product such as this.

Features of the Pro Control Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) gauge include:

Full Dial Alarm Warning - User configurable minimum and maximum EGT parameters can be set along with one of 7 different warning colours assigned to each parameter. For example, if a high EGT level is set at 800 Degrees C, then if the gauge reads above 800 degrees C the dial face changes to the colour you have selected to warn you. If the temperature increases further by 10 percent or more then the gauge flashes rapidly to further alert the driver. The same applies for low EGT. 

Pro Control  - The pro control feature activates low or high outputs whenever the user defined alarm level outputs are exceeded. For example when the high EGT alarm is activated the pro control output can be used to signal the ECU to increase fuelling or to switch any other electrical system. 

Peak Recall - The peak recall function simply informs you of the highest and lowest EGT readings since the memory was last reset. 

Configurable Back light - The LED back light has 7 user selectable colours for maximum visibility and readability. Colour options are white, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and turquoise.


Key Features

- High Accuracy And Excellent Reliability

- Settable Alarm With Dial Colour Change Warning

- Pro Control Output To Switch Any Electrical Circuit

- Peak Recall Facility

- Stepper Motor Needle Movement

- Solid State Remote Mount Sensor

- 0-5 Volt Analogue Output For ECU Or Data Logger

- Settable Back Light Colour With 7 Options

- Fully Black Dial Face When Power Is Off

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