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OMP HTE One Carbon Seat


The OMP HTE One Carbon Seat is manufactured in accordance with FIA 8862-2009 homologation forming a cell survival system which rivals Formula 1 safety levels.

The HTE One Seat features a pure carbon ultra light state of the art rigid shell which features a 300% increase in strength. The seat is HANS compatible and features an integrated head restraint for optimum safety, whilst also includes split leg cushions for versatile comfort.

  • Split leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort
  • Features 5 harness slots, removable split leg cushions and an adjustable lumbar cushion for added comfort
  • Extremely strong and lightweight

The seat has been designed to allow installation and a comfortable driving position in GT cars that have reduced cockpit room. Featuring the OMP HSC (Harness setting concept) shoulder harness slots. These harness slots are made from aluminium and offer three different settings to help find the best position in regards to the height of the driver / co-driver. The seat is side mounted and is compatible with all types of FHR devices and harnesses.

Please note: This seat should only be mounted with OMP HC880 seat mount only

FIA 8862-2009 Approved

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