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OBP 0.75 Integral Brake Master Cylinder (3/4)

€ 38.00 EUR

Universal Girling type alloy master cylinders for brake, handbrake or clutch actuation with an integral fluid reservoir and screw on filler cap.
Suitable for stand along handbrake activation on twin caliper rear brake setups.
Featuring a vertical mounting flange with 2.25 inch mounting hole spacing and a 5/16 UNF threaded pushrod. The outlet port has a 3/8 UNF thread.
These lightweight Aluminium master cylinders are fitted to many competition cars, kit cars and classic car applications.
obp Branded Integral Reservoir Master Cylinder with a 3/8 UNF Outlet, 5/16 UNF Pushrod Thread with a 95mm Push Rod Length from the flange face.

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