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Nuke Gear Knob Cavernous Carbon, Gloss finish

€ 60.98 EUR

Nuke Performance universal gear knobs in real lightweight carbon and billet aluminum with hollow design.

The Nuke Performance universal Gear Knobs, Cavernous Carbon, comes in three lengths and two finishes. All three lengths and both finishes are made of real high-quality carbon and billet and anodized aluminum. This is the lightest and most awesome universal gear knob on the market and fits many different applications thanks to the included thread inserts.

 Real-Carbon Gear Knobs
 Available in 3 different sizes
 Made in Sweden
 Available in both glossy and matte finish
 Fits 4 different threads, all included 

 Real Carbon Gear Knobs :
All our carbon is of the highest possible quality, the usage of real carbon in combination with the billet aluminum ends makes it possible for the Cavernous Carbon series gear knobs to have a hollow design that makes it as lightweight as air and extremely stable. The finish of the carbon housing is extremely high and available with both glossy and matte finish.

 Fits four different threads, all inserts included :
With our design we included the possibility to choose from four different well-known threads, this makes it as universal as possible at the same as the threads results in a steady fitment. Apply a tiny bit of thread lock and it will sit there forever. The inserts come included with all gear knobs and are available to buy as spares if you want to move the gear knob from one car to another on a later occasion.
Fit threads : M16x1,5 / M12x1,25 / M10x1,25 / M8x1,25

Two finishes and three sizes available
The Cavernous series universal gear knobs are made out of real carbon and come in two finishes, both matte and glossy. Both sizes are as lightweight and stable as the other, it is totally up to you to choose which finish that matches your interior the best. It comes in three different lengths to fit all applications as best as possible, the different sizes are 65mm (40mm carbon), 95mm (70mm carbon) and 115mm (100mm carbon). Choose the length and finish when placing an order, all versions come with the included inserts and with our unique hollow design.

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