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Nissan Silvia/240SX Rear Subframe Mounting Kit

€ 325.20 EUR

This is a product we have been working on for a while at Group-D

Included in this kit are the 4 mounting points needed to mount a Nissan Silvia Subframe into an ae86 chassis

This kit will take all the work out of what is a pretty labour intensive job to do correctly and most importantly it will mount the subframe in a position where the anti squat geometry works well in the ae86 chassis

Most AE86's with a Silvia subframe installed do not handle correctly due to incorrect positioning of the subframe. We have done years on testing and have perfected the mounting location so your ae86 handles perfectly

The rear crossmember in this kit bolts to the original ae86 chassis doing 99% of the lining up for you. This ensures the wheels are centered in the wheel well and minimizes twist etc so this job can be done by one person

Mounts are tacked together and final welding will have to be carried out by someone qualified to do so

You need to cut your chassis to clear the subframe (if your series rules allow) and re-plate. This can be done with our weld in clearance plates which you can add to your order in the drop down menu above. Or you can cut a channel in the subframe to go around the chassis

Clearance needs to be made for the Tension Rods and the front diff mount. You can buy our pre-fabricated Subframe floor clearance kit separately to make this very easy or just add it to your order in the drop down menu above


This Kit will give you S13/R32 Subframe mounting points!

S13/R32 Subframe:

This kit is made to work with Subframe Risers that mount the subframe as close to the floor as possible. We have very high quality Subframe Risers that do the job perfectly.

The S13/R32 Subframe will not clear the floor at the front Lower control arm mounting point. You can cut and box the floor yourself if you want but we highly recommend moving the front lower control arm mounting hole down one inch. This will improve the anti squat geometry and set it to the optimal value. We are working on a weld on kit for the S13/R32 subframe to do this. 

If you choose to use a S13/R32 subframe and lower the lower control arm front mount one inch then you will need lower control arms with spherical bushes as the rear lower control arm mounts need high deflection

S14/S15/R33/R34 Subframe:

An S14 style subframe must be fitted with Subframe Conversion Risers. We offer very high quality Risers for this that work perfectly.

The S14 Style Subframe must be trimmed around the Tension Rod bracket area to clear the AE86 Chassis. We have provided weld in plates in the kit to reinforce the bracket after trimming. Once clearance has been made and you can fit the subframe to the car, one of the reinforcing plates bolts very conveniently through the original upper axle link hole and you can weld the reinforcing plates to the subframe. You can see this very clearly in the pictures provided. This reinforces the tension rod mount hugely and now your subframe mounts to the chassis with 6 bolts increasing chassis stiffness



We have created IRS to AE86 rear coilovers to compliment the subframe mounting kit. These coilovers mount to the Silvia knuckle and to the original ae86 floor with no modifications necessary 


Obviously the original lower 4 link to chassis mounts and panhard rod to chassis mount needs to be removed


Included in this kit is the following:

- Rear crossmember that bolts to the original ae86 chassis with mounting points for the rear subframe bushes

- Rear crossmember strengthening plates

- Front left mounting box for subframe

- Front right mounting box for subframe

- Subframe to chassis mounting plates for  S14 Subframe Traction Rod mounts

- All hardware needed


You can add the weld in chassis clearance plates and Subframe floor clearance kit in the drop down menu


Pictures are of actual product fitted at Group-D workshop


Also Fits KE70 (confirmed) and probably other old school live axle Toyotas (Not confirmed lol)


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