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Mocal Oil Cooler

€ 140.00 EUR

Coolers are designed to fit oil hoses with a 1/2 bsp male thread unless otherwise stated. We will contact you prior to dispatch to confirm which thread type you want.


Oil coolers are an important addition to any high performance engine which gets worked hard. Engines which are constantly revved high can easily overheat the oil which then becomes thinner and offers less protection, resulting in premature engine wear.  

These pressed plate type of oil cooler radiators are very popular and have been fitted to performance road and race cars for many years and are available in a huge range of sizes to suit all engine types.

Oil Cooler Fitting
The coolers are fitted in a position where airflow can pass through them (usually at the front of the car, by the radiator) as it is this airflow which cools the oil as it flows through the oilways within the cooler. Oil is supplied to the cooler by pipes which connect to the engine, usually via a sandwich plate which fits between the engine and the oil filter.

Oil Cooler Sizing
The Mocal Oil coolers are available in 2 different matrix widths 115mm and 235mm. The overall width including the brackets is 210mm and 330mm.
The height of the cooler is measured in rows. This is the number of oilways, including the top and bottom plates. The more rows the cooler has, the better the cooling will be.
The thickness of all the coolers is 51mm

Some of the oil cooler sizes are available in heavy duty versions. Standard duty coolers have a working pressure of 150 Psi. The heavy duty coolers have a working pressure of 180 Psi and include thicker material in key areas and feature aluminium castings between the plates to add strength and reliability for motorsport applications.

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