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The ultimate in AE86 4AGE exhaust manifolds. Martelius manufacture fantastic products, based in Finland they have been providing race and rally cars with in-house fabricated parts for nearly 30 years! We at MCNSPORT are proud to be the official Martelius retailer Ireland and the UK. The Martelius R1 Manifold, has been Dyno proven to produce more power and significantly more Torque than even the High-end Japanese manifolds costing almost twice as much!! The R1 Manifold features ceramic coating for superior heat management, and bolt patterns to suit both 16 valve and 20 valve engines.

The R1 fitment is for all RHD models, and LHD without power steering.

In some 20V conversion cases, a small section may be required to be removed from the right corner of the manifold flange in order to fit with the coolant blanking plate.

Diameters: 41.5 - 50.8 - 63.5

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