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€ 650.00 EUR

*New Group A prices are for the all new stainless versions!*

*Now redesigned to suit North American market LHD AE86s for both manual and power steering AE86s*

The Group A XL manifold is designed for 200+hp cars

The Group A manifold also features ceramic coating for superior heat management, and bolt patterns to suit both 16 valve and 20 valve engines.

Lambda bung is located in the collector end, so all cylinder gasses are measured at once.

Also now all Group A manifolds come with an un-drilled OEM lambda flange on 2-3cyl branch at it's original place, in case some customers want to run their sensor here.

 Diameters: 41,5 -> 48 -> 57mm

Designed as a direct, slip in fitment to our 63mm exhaust systems. Cat fitment version also available which will mate to the stock cat location, with optional bolt-on silencer in cat position to help with noise restrictions for street, circuit or rally use.

Please note: If you are running your oil filter in the stock location, these will require removal of the OEM oil filter spacer found on GTS models and some other models in order to clear the header. This can also be easily solved by running the shorter oil filter commonly found on Toyota A series engines.

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