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KAAZ LSD Skyline HR32 RB20E/ER32 RB20DE/HR33 93-96 RB20E/ER33 93-96 RB25DE Replaces Original Viscous LSD

€ 806.52 EUR

KAAZ LSD's offer excellent quality, performance, and value for money.

Available in 1.5 and 2 way configurations

These cars are 30+ years old now and many have been fitted with non factory differentials as all the Nissan R200's are interchangeable. Therefore it might be possible that the LSD listed for your model might not work with your Diff Output Flanges. It might require sourcing extra Output Flanges to complete the installation

LSDs are available in Super-Q version, which means the plates have received a WPC treatment to ensure they are super smooth. No banging or clunking with this option!

 DBN2625 / SAN2635

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