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Group D Fuel Tank (BACK IN STOCK)

€ 430.89 EUR

Design Upgrades April 2021!!!!

- Now featuring larger mounting brackets for easier fitting

- Now features female AN6 fitting for tank vent to allow both AN6 and Barb rollover valve fitting


The Group D Fuel Tank is one of the most comprehensive and feature packed fuel tanks on the market today.

 This 32 litre cell features ingenious design incorporating and in-tank swirl pot with twin fuel pickups. It also includes mounting points for up to 2 Bosch 044 or HI pumps and filters. The pumps can be mounted on either side of the tank to suit your application or for exhaust system clearance. 2 pumps can also be ran together for high horsepower applications or as a plumbed spare. The fuel return is mounted on the front of the swirl pot insuring the swirl pot remains full at all times.


The Group D Fuel Cell is MIL spec foam filled and internally baffled in key areas to prevent fuel slosh.

Includes a sight tube and mounting flange for a VDO fuel level sender for in-car fuel level monitoring. (sender not included see here for the correct sender)

Tank dimensions are 600x300x180mm. End to end of mounting brackets is 660mm.

Fuel pickups: Male AN-8

Fuel return: Female AN-8 to allow AN-8 or AN-6 return line


Features include:

- 32 litre capacity

- Ingenious design, aluminium construction all in one fuel system

- Twin AN8 Fuel pickups

- Single AN8 female return

- AN8 or AN6 return fitting options

- AN8 End cap option for single pump operation

- In-tank swirl pot to prevent fuel surge

- Twin fuel pump mounting points

- Fuel pump can be mounted on either side of the tank

- Lightweight construction

- Foam filled (MIL spec)

- Tank Mounting brackets

- Sight tube 

- VDO sender unit mounting flange and blanking cap

- AN6 female Vent take off

- AN6 or Barb rollover valve options

- K&N vent filter option for barb rollover valve


VDO Sender not included

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