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Group-D FIA Approved Ultimate Motorsport Fuel Cell 30 Litre

€ 1,547.00 EUR

We have combined two fantastic products from our suppliers to build you the Ultimate Motorsport Anti-Surge Fuel Cell System at the best value for money anywhere in the world!!!

We have combined the FIA Approved ATL Fuel Cell with the Excellent Nuke Performance CFC Unit

This Cell uses 3x high quality submerged fuel pumps. 1x Lift pump to supply fuel to the Nuke CFC's internal 3 Litre surge tank and 2x main pumps to supply fuel to your engine. This ensures that even under the most extreme cornering and "G" forces your engine will get the fuel it needs for maximum performance.

Single  AN-8 or AN-10 fuel outlet
 Steady flow even well over 1400hp
 All fittings included - including everything
 100% E85 Proof

 Delivered with 1x 3/4 AN-6 vent fitting 1 x 3/4 AN-8, 1 x 7/8 AN-8 fitting and 1 x 7/8 AN-10 fitting.

• All fittings and washers you need are included.

Cells are assembled in house by Group-D

We can supply larger volume cells built with the Nuke CFC and fuel pumps Installed. Please contact for info


Cell Capacity Cell Size LxWxH Alloy Container Size LxWxH
20L 330 x 330 x 230mm 350 x 350 x 240mm
30L 505 x 305 x 224mm 534 x 326 x 240mm
40L 602 x 312 x 254mm 638 x 337 x 270mm

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