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Group-D Breather Kit for Winters Differential

€ 105.69 EUR

It is very important to let you Winters QC rear to breath properly

The breather hole is just plugged from the factory and requires venting to atmosphere for prolonged use

We have designed this breather kit for just that purpose

Two fittings have been included to screw into the Winters housing. A straight fitting and a 90 degree fitting for cars with little floor pan clearance

The Breather kit comes with a mount for the bulkhead fitting to fix to a flat panel or you can use the bulkhead fitting as a through panel mount

Only high quality components use throughout

This kit includes

- 1x Winters Casing to AN6 Straight fitting

- 1x Winters Casing to AN6 90 Degree fitting

- 2x AN6 Straight Fitting

- 1x AN6 90 degree Fitting

- 1x AN6 Bulkhead Fitting with Nut

- 1 or 2 meters of AN6 Stainless Steel Overbraid Hose

- 1x K&N Breather Filter

- 1x Aluminium Panel Mounting Bracket

- M6 Fasteners

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