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GM Fuel Rail 6cyl 3800 Series II (L36 Series II) Bolt-On Kit

€ 279.00 EUR

Nuke Performance Chevrolet L36 II / 3800 II High-Performance Fuel Rail
GM / Chevrolet / Buick high-performance bolt-on Fuel Rail kit for 3800 series 2 and L36 series 2 V6 engines. Motorsports fuel rail with unique injector safety clips. 100% safe for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol and fits directly to the intake thanks to the included bolt-on mounting brackets.

 Lightweight motorsports fuel rail
 Unique injector safety clips
 Made in Sweden
 100% E85 Proof
 Delivered with AN-8 fittings 

 Bolt-on fitment, everything is included for :
• GM 3800 Series II • GM L36 Series II

Give your engine over-dimensioned fuel flow for serious power outtake and the looks that are the Nuke Performance signum. Designed to look awesome and perform even better, this motorsports-grade fuel rail is the market-leading fuel rail with the most functionality and delivered with unique injector safety clips and bolt-on brackets for a safe and easy mount to any of the listed GM engine models.

 Developed with high demands from motorsport
Co-developed with worldwide motorsports teams, this fuel rail is set to perform under all conditions and for any horsepower requirement. This is the best 3/4" UNF fuel rail on the market for the 3800-2 / L36-2 engines with the highest flow capacity.

Delivered with AN-8 fittings with alcoholic-fuel safe Viton o-rings. AN-6 and AN-10 fittings are optional.

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