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Ford Escort MK1/MK2 OHC XL manifold 4-2-1 LHD

€ 480.00 EUR

Martelius Exhausts are made in Finland for Left hand drive cars so may not fit Right hand drive vehicles. If your car has the steering column on the intake side of the engine then the exhaust manifold should fit no problem. If your steering column is on the exhaust side of the engine then the Exhaust manifold will probably not fit and may require modification to clear the steering column. 

4-2-1 manifold for MK2 OHC models. Racing-designed XL-manifold. Pipe diameters (mm): 44.5-> 50.8-> 63.5 Note: Not always in stock. Choose outlet pipe diameter; 63.5mm or 57.2mm.

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