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E30 Bumper Bars

€ 121.95 EUR

Genius Siamese Bumper bars From Group-D 

These bars are Siamese meaning they fit both left and right so it is possible to order just one spare or replacement bar and it will fit both sides

Construction is from 25x2mm Seamless CDS tube. Very lightweight but strong and durable

The bumper bars are secured to the rear frame using cast steel gudgeons. When clamped these are very strong and let the bumper bar do its job by having the tube weaker than the mounting area

The Bumper bars come with 2x multi hole 90 degree bumper mounts. These mount bolt to the tube of the bumper bars and are adjustable via their slotted mounting area. They have 9 holes for mounting using cable ties or bolts. And alternatively the mounts can be flipped to the inside of the bumper bars for use with quick latch fasteners. Genius again!

The ends of the tubes are capped with domed caps tig welded on. No rust showing from inside the tube here

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