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DSS Group-D Spec 1000hp Axles for Silvia/Skyline with Winters QC

€ 1,667.00 EUR

Group-D is the only place you can buy 1000hp rated bolt on rear Axles for your Nissan S or R chassis with a Winters Quick Change rear

We can specify these in either 29 or 32 spline outer stubs depending on what wheel bearing you have. Now there is no need to upgrade to the GTR style 32 Spline bearing hub you can finally have 1000hp capability with the more common 29 spline bearing hubs

These are not the usual style of DSS axle. We have worked with The Driveshaft Shop to create a spec of axle specific to Group-D from extensive testing on our own drift cars. We do the work so you don't have to 

Delivery from the Driveshaft Shop can vary hugely!

These axles are made to order only!

Order way way ahead of schedule!

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