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Using expertise gained from the hugely popular EWP80 & EWP115 Electronic Water Pumps, Davies Craig EWP150 High Capacity Electronic Water Pumps are now available.

The EWP 150 is supplied in an alloy housing for ultimate durability and offers a substantial 150 Litres per minute optimum capacity.

The benefits of fitting a Davies Craig EWP over an existing mechanical pump are -

  • Coolant is circulated after engine shutdown preventing hotspots
  • Increased engine power and torque
  • Better control of engine temperature
  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased engine life
  • Radiator size and coolant capacity can be reduced saving weight
  • Increase in maximum engine speed

Davies Craig EWP pumps can be fitted as a stand alone item, however to obtain the full benefits it is recommended that it is used with a digital controller which gives you full control over the engine running temperature.

Kit includes a selection of fittings to suit different hose sizes and installation instructions.

150 Litres Per Minute Capacity
Alloy Housing
Improves Coolant System Performance

Negative Or Positive Earth


Operating voltage: 3V DC to 15V DC
Polarity Negative Or Positive Earth
Maximum current: 10A
Flow rate: 150 L/min (39.63 US gal/min)
Operating temp: -40 to 130C
Pump design: Clockwise Centrifugal
Pump weight: 1170 grams (2.6lbs)
Pump material: Aluminium
Burst pressure: 500 kPa (72.5 psi)
Dimensions: 128mm x 85mm x 188mm
Hose Sizes: 38mm to 51mm

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