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Using expertise gained from the hugely popular EWP80 & EWP115 Electronic Water Pumps, Davies Craig EWP150 High Capacity Electronic Water Pumps are now available.

The EWP 150 is supplied in an alloy housing for ultimate durability and offers a substantial 150 Litres per minute optimum capacity.

The benefits of fitting a Davies Craig EWP over an existing mechanical pump are -

• Coolant is circulated after engine shutdown preventing hotspots

• Increased engine power and torque

• Better control of engine temperature

• Increased cooling capacity

• Improved fuel economy

• Increased engine life

• Radiator size and coolant capacity can be reduced saving weight

• Increase in maximum engine speed

Davies Craig EWP pumps can be fitted as a stand alone item, however to obtain the full benefits it is recommended that it is used with a digital controller which gives you full control over the engine running temperature.

Kit includes a selection of fittings to suit different hose sizes and installation instructions.

Digital Controller

This latest digital controller for cooling fans and Electric water pumps (EWP) is packed with features to ensure your cooling system stays at the optimum temperature.

An LCD display shows the current engine temperature and the required temperature (user settable). It also has symbols to indicate when either the cooling fans or pump are in operation. Audible alarms sound if the set temperature is exceeded by 10 deg C or if a temperature of 40 deg C is not reached within 5 mins of start up and also if the temperature exceeds 100 deg C.

When used in conjunction with a Davies Craig EWP this digital controller allows your engine to warm up quicker as it 'pulses' the pump until the engine is warm and then controls the pump speed to maintain the target engine temperature. The controller will also run the pump after engine shut down to eliminate hot spots (3 mins or until the temp is 10 deg C below the target temp).

The controller is factory set to 85 deg C but has 9 user settable temperatures ranging from 60 to 100 deg C. Simply set the temperature then let the controller do the rest.

The temperature probe can be mounted in the thermostat housing, top radiator hose or in the engine block close the coolant outlet.


Lightweight & Rugged Alloy Body
Includes EWP150 Alloy Pump & Digital Controller
1" NPT Female Ports
Revolutionary And Innovative Design
Suitable For Large Capacity Engines
Lightweight, Compact Size
Improved Cooling Efficiency
Helps Release Wasted Power
Universal Fitting
Negative Or Positive Earth

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