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The D-Mac Handbrake Lines are the best fitting lines on the market using 45degree banjo bolt fittings providing better inlet manifold and exhaust manifold clearance in the engine bay and a much cleaner low profile look in-car with extra elbow room.

*Please check that your master cylinder is M10x1 thread prior to ordering. The vast, vast majority of Japanese cars will have this thread (S chassis, R chassis, AE86, GT86, JZX, RX7 etc etc) but certain chassis like the G35 Skyline may have some variation.

Front line fittings and length:

45 Degree Banjo fitting with M10x1 bolt + 45 Degree Banjo fitting with 7/16-20 bolt

Overall length 1680mm/66 inches


Rear line fittings and length:

45 Degree Banjo fitting with 3/8-24 bolt + Straight M10x1 fitting

Overall length 1680mm/66 inches


*Brake cylinder Banjo bolts provided are the correct thread for all pass through type cylinders, Wilwood, Girling, OBP etc.


*Colour of lines may vary but the fittings in the above picture are correct

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