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The D-Mac Handbrake Lines are the best fitting lines on the market using 45degree banjo bolt fittings providing better inlet manifold and exhaust manifold clearance in the engine bay and a much cleaner low profile look in-car with extra elbow room.

*Please check that your master cylinder is M10x1 thread prior to ordering. The vast, vast majority of Japanese cars will have this thread (S chassis, R chassis, AE86, GT86, JZX, RX7 etc etc) but certain chassis like the G35 Skyline may have some variation.

This line kit is designed to go from your master cylinder to handbrake cylinder, and from handbrake cylinder to female T piece rear brake fitting. These have been designed to be long enough to work with longer chassis like the JZX etc.

*Not for use with ABS units, please check out our copper line kit for a more suitable solution*

Front line fittings and length:

45 Degree Banjo fitting with M10x1 bolt + 45 Degree Banjo fitting with 7/16-20 bolt

Overall length 1680mm/66 inches


Rear line fittings and length:

45 Degree Banjo fitting with 3/8-24 bolt + Straight M10x1 fitting

Overall length 1680mm/66 inches


*Brake cylinder Banjo bolts provided are the correct thread for all pass through type cylinders, Wilwood, Girling, OBP etc.


*Colour of lines may vary but the fittings in the above picture are correct

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