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Skyline R33 GTR/R34 GTT - Xtreme Performance Pull Type Heavy Duty Organic 610Nm 1170kg (40% inc.) KNI25003-1A

€ 680.00 EUR

Xtreme Performance - sprung organic kit /-1A

Recommended for: Street use in vehicles with minor engine modifications.


Sprung organic clutch kits offer exceptional driveability for vehicles used daily but also have performance modifications. The sprung organic disc offers improved dampening which reduces the shock loading on the transmission.


    • Torque capacity 610Nm
  • Clamp load 1170kg 40% Increased over standard
  • Organic Friction Discs
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • Kit contains everything you need for a successful installation + accessories


Xtreme Performance

At Xtreme Clutch, we strive to offer a variety of clutch options for each vehicle to ensure a clutch solution is available for every vehicle application. Whether you are modifying a road vehicle or building a race car from scratch, we have the clutch solution for you. Our upgrades are divided into different stages depending on the friction disc material and the number of friction discs.



What's in the Box?


Xtreme Performance upgrade kits are available with everything you need for a successful installation + accessories you may want to upgrade or replace while the gearbox is out of the vehicle.

  • Torque (Nm)
  • Clamp Load
    1170Kg (40% inc.)
  • Flywheel Step
  • Clutch Disc Diameter (mm)
  • Clutch Disc Spline Count
  • Clutch Disc Spline Diameter (mm)
  • Recommended for
    Street Performance & Towing - Stage 1
  • Design
    Single Plate
  • Stage
    Stage 1
  • Weight [KG]:
Make Model Engine / Year Notes
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.5 147KW (1998-2000) Pull Type
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.5 206KW (1998-2002) Pull Type
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.5 4x4 147KW (1998-2000) Pull Type
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.5 Turbo 206KW (1998-2006) Pull Type
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4 206KW (1989-1995) Pull Type
NISSAN SKYLINE 2.6 Twin Turbo 4x4 206KW (1994-1999) Pull Type
NISSAN STAGEA 2.5 Turbo AWD 173KW (1996-2001) Pull Type
NISSAN STAGEA 2.6 Twin Turbo 206KW (1996-2001) Pull Type

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