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Group-D FIA Master Cut Out Switch and Pull Cable Kit

€ 35.00 EUR

  • FIA master switch and pull cable kit - This full kit offers superb value for money. The kit includes the following items:

    FIA Master Switch
    This FIA Master switch adheres to the requirements of Motorsports governing body and cuts the engine and electrics, whilst also preventing run on. Designed so that the terminals and resistor allow for the switch to be wired without damage to the alternator on switch off. 10mm terminals for battery cable and removable handle / key. Rubber cover prevents dirt ingress when key is removed. Red Key included has small hole for pull cable connection.

    6ft Extinguisher / Master Switch Pull Cable c/w red T handle
    This high quality 6 foot long cable can be used for fire extinguishers and also battery cut off. The cable has a red tee handle, a black outer and features a PTFE liner for a smoother action with more resistance to sticking or seizing. The cable is supplied with locknut and a bulkhead connector for fitment into the car. The end of the cable has a solderless nipple attached.

    Suitable for use in all forms of motorsport.

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