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ARP Flywheel Bolts 1JZ 2JZ/ 4AGE


Check you aftemarket flywheel thickness to make sure these bolts are the correct length for your setup

Flywheel Bolt Kit

Toyota M10, 8 pieces

Please refer to ARP's instructions when fitting: © ARP Instruction for kit # 203-2802 (

ARP flywheel bolts for 1JZ or 2JZ when using an R154 or W58 flywheel. These are NOT long enough for a 6 speed or W55 flywheel. These are much stronger then stock, for about the same price as from Toyota. The stock bolts are only designed for one use, please do not re-use stock bolts. Also, don't forget to put thread sealant or Loctite on all JZ flywheel bolts when installing them, otherwise oil can leak past the threads and make your clutch slip.

Socket Size(s) 1/2 12pt
UHL 1.050˝
Thread Size

M10 x 1.25

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