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AE86 Mocal Oil Cooler Installation Kit

€ 104.00 EUR

These vehicle specific kits contain all the necessary parts to enable easy installation of an aftermarket oil cooler. Standard kits are supplied with rubber hoses swaged onto zinc plated fittings for a leak free seal.
Options are available on some kits for stainless steel overbraided hoses and a thermostatic control. The stainless hoses offer a higher abrasion and heat resistance to standard rubber and the thermostatic control allows the engine oil to heat up quicker from start up.

Parts included in the kit -

  • Sandwich plate - This fits between the oil filter and engine to provide an oil take off.
  • Oil Pipes - These are a pre made length which allow the cooler to be fitted at the front of the car.
  • Oil Cooler Brackets
  • Nuts, Bolts and Adaptors

This list is a generalisation and kits may differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Kits are designed to fit oil coolers with a 1/2 bsp male thread unless otherwise stated

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