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€ 1,320.00 EUR

If this axle kit is out of stock, please mail us at to check on availability prior to purchasing.

Now available from Weir is the 28mm Half Shaft kit with side gears and pinion gears supplied to fit a 2007 and onwards KAAZ or Tomei LSD

This kit can also be used in pre 2007 KAAZ and Tomei LSD's but you will have to machine the pressure rings a little. This is a very simple job to do!

This Kit will transform you ae86 rear axle form a delicate unit to a much more capable motorsport axle ideal for drifting or rallying or if you just want the ultimate reliable road car axle after tuning your 4AGE or doing an engine swap

The kit includes:

28mm Half Shafts

28mm LSD Side Gears

4x LSD Pinion Gears

2x Half Shaft Retainer Plates

8x Wheels Studs

2x Half Shaft Bearings

2x Axle Oil Seals


This kit does not include an LSD. If you also need an LSD then look here 

All axle builds should be done with a Weir Solid Pinion Spacer. Click here to check it out


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