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BOOST products 90° cast aluminum elbow 51mm 2" small radius

€ 30.89 EUR

90° cast aluminum elbow 51mm (2") - small radius
Small radius Ø51 mm aluminum bend
BOOST products cast aluminum elbow with small radius
Outlet diameter: 51mm (2")
Wall thickness T: 4,5mm
Leg length F: 75mm (20+55)
Outside diameter D: 51mm
Inside diameter: 42mm
Bending radius: 55mm

This cast aluminum bend is perfect for limited space, such as in the engine compartment at the turbocharger compressor outlet or intercooler connections, throttle bodies, etc.... The cast aluminum bend has an extremely small radius and even has beads on both sides to allow hose mounting with silicone hoses. The bends have already been successfully tested in motorsports up to 3,5 bar boost pressure.

Note: The cast aluminum bends may contain small burrs and casting residues. Please grind these away with a file before installation

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